Arrival in Jakarta!

Well, folks, we’ve arrived. It was a very, very long trip.

The short version is YOW > YVR > TPE > JKT. The long version is Friday, August 17, 1855h > Sunday, August 19, 1600h. Don’t ask what happened to Saturday, because I think we lost it somewhere over the Pacific Ocean.

Thankfully, we flew executive class. I could kiss whoever invented VIP lounges and in-flight meals, not to mention the comfy bed-chairs and duvets. Too bad we’ll never be able to afford that again! Seriously though, the kids were troopers through the whole thing. Despite some tears and cabin fever, they’ve been handling it all like pros.

We’ve settled into a hotel in Jakarta for now. It is Idul Fitri this week – what a wonderful time to see the best of the city! The streets are quiet from traffic, filled instead with happy families and nightly fireworks. We’re all still a bit jet-lagged, so meals and bedtimes are flexible. I start work on Wednesday, so hopefully I’m not still totally out of it by then!

In summary, here are some lessons we learned the hard way:

  • Don’t give yourself a shiner right before boarding an overseas flight.
  • If your kid drops a $4 orange juice immediately after purchase in a fancy hotel, you still have to pay for its replacement.
  • Don’t walk anywhere in Jakarta. Instead, rent a mercedes and a driver for less than $30 a day.
  • The toilets don’t work the way you think they do.
  • Try not to spill food all over the expensive turkish rug at your new boss’ house.
  • The Disney Channel is literally everywhere (thank goodness).

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