Operation: Singapore

Damn kids.
Damn kids.
I spent weeks building a 1/2000 scale replica of the city skyline solely for this one blog post, but the kids wrecked it, so here’s a crummy “picture”. Bah.

Tomorrow we’re heading for Singapore.

I know what you’re thinking: wow, the Cayas have only been in Indonesia for three weeks, and they’re already so sick of it they’re moving to another country? Well, shame on you for thinking that. I mean, didn’t you read the title? Damnit, it said it right in the title: we’re just going to get our Visas. Jeez. We even came up with a secret “codename” and all.

So we landed here in Indonesia on Visas-on-arrival, with the full knowledge that we’d need to leave the country again to get our more “permanent” visas. Apparently, this happens all the time. What it means, in our case, is we get to head out to Singapore, head to the Indonesian embassy to get our visa stuff worked out, then spend 4 days living it up in “The Fine Country” (I didn’t make that up, that’s apparently Singapore’s unofficial nickname).

Tomorrow promises to be a ridiculous day, though. Up at the usual crack of dawn, get the kids to school then off to see potentially our new landlord and get a housing contract to look over, then pick the kids up from school, then drive through hell and back (“Hell”, in this case, being traffic from Bogor to Jakarta) to get to the airport by 5pm.

We’re definitely looking forward to it. With all the hassle of moving to Indonesia and all the hoops we had to jump through to get that done on time and in an orderly fashion, we really didn’t get a vacation this year. S’s work is paying for 2 nights stay (as part of the whole “getting a visa” process), and we’re springing for the other 2 nights. What is HILARIOUS, however, is that we are going to Singapore, but staying at….  yep, you guessed it: a Holiday Inn.

A Holiday Inn that charges $600/night.

Yeah, I don’t get it either. Apparently, S’s work booked us for a suite of some sort (which explains $300 of the $600 price tag), and for the other two nights (on our dime), we happily downgraded our room to something a little less than “2 nights at a hotel that costs an entire month’s rent”-ish.

I did suggest that we stay at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore, which is world famous for its rooftop swimming pool. S thought it was a pretty cool idea. Then I showed her the picture of the rooftop pool:

I bet this guy regretted going on the new "1200AD: The Earth Is Flat" ride at Disney World."
“Yeah honey, I’m just going to swim over this way for a seconDOHMYGODI’MGOINGTODIE”

… apparently, I’m not allowed making hotel suggestions anymore.

Anyways, we’re definitely looking forward to heading out tomorrow! I’m sure we’ll have lots of pictures, because you know us: we’re certainly good at taking lots of pictures, and not at all the opposite, despite the litany of evidence that proves otherwise.


4 thoughts on “Operation: Singapore

  1. Caution about the visiting the Marina Bay Sands Pool: for hotel guests only! I learned the hard way by eagerly showing up adorned in my swim suit only to get turned away at the pool door. You can wait in a long line to take a $20 tour of the pool, but you still can’t go in the pool. I did hear lots of braggarts at the airport going on about sneaking into the pool though… so if you do want to get in that pool then walk casually through security and mention a plausible room number. The hotel is pretty far away from the city centre, so unless you want to shop in a fancy mall there isn’t much else to do out there.


  2. That is the coolest pool I have ever seen. I will now be consulting you for all my hotel staying needs. 🙂 Glad to see you guys are doing so well and having a great time! Good luck with the visas.


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