Singapore – part 1

indoor fountain

We’re back from our mini-vacation to Singapore!

It was a busy few days, but we managed to pack a whole summer’s worth of activity into four days, since we didn’t get the chance to take any summer holidays this year. (Other than, you know, the whole moving to an exotic country thing.)

This is going to be a multi-parter, since I don’t have the stamina to upload all the pictures in one go. So, here are days 1 and 2 of our adventure:

We arrived on Wednesday night and checked into the hotel. It was a lovely suite-style room, and the hotel was nice enough to upgrade us for the whole time we stayed. So we got to enjoy the executive lounge and all the free snack foods and drinks that came with it! See the following obligatory hotel room photos:

The bedroom part of the suite. A nice king bed – although it certainly seemed smaller with three of us sleeping in it! (J took the middle.)
Hotel bathroom. For once, we did not feel obligated to steal all the tiny shampoos. I think we’ve finally become adults. *sniff*
The “suite” part of the suite. You can also see the typical caya family evening: no pants, headed straight to the tv (we’ve been here all of 5 minutes at this point). We’re classy folk.
The hotel even gave us tiny bathrobes and slippers! The kids were so excited.
B, however, was far less excited about the slippers *he* got.
And… the executive lounge. I was in here enjoying “high tea” – basically a strange assortment of tiny sandwiches and colourful gelatinous desserts. But the tea was good.

On Thursday, we needed to take care of the administrative things that actually brought us to Singapore. So, we headed to the Indonesian Embassy for our visas, then spent the day wandering around Orchard Road and shopping. We didn’t do a lot of shopping, because Orchard Road is the expensive, gucci-prada kind of area. But we did manage to buy a breakmaker (yes, mom, a Zojirushi!), and we saw plenty of nifty stores and fancy restaurants. The malls there were hard to navigate, because they go up instead of out. We would be way up on the 6th floor or way below on the B2 level and still have more stores to see. It was crazy!

indoor fountain
Many of the malls have interconnecting tunnels, and this fountain was in a particularly cavernous area of one of them.
The Singapore Grand Prix is next weekend, so there were a lot of race cars on display. This one was at the TagHeuer store.

We capped off our first day with a really great meal at a mexican place. Yes, I know, we went all the way to asia to eat mexican, but it was the only place LittleB could eat. In fact, I think it was the first time he has eaten a whole meal since we left Canada!

Full bellies = happy kids.

Stay tuned for a bunch of pictures from the Night Safari and the Gardens by the Bay!

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