Singapore – part 3

Well, friends, it only took me a week, but here are the final photos as promised! We spent our last day in Singapore visiting the Gardens by the Bay. It’s a relatively new attraction there, and from what we could tell, every cab driver in the city must have been getting kickbacks for recommending it to visitors.

The gardens featured two huge indoor conservatories: Cloud Forest, a man-made mountain/waterfall/forest, and Flower Dome, a collection of plants from around the world. There’s just something about asia and miniaturizing things. But we love you for it, so don’t stop!

There was also an enormous outdoor component, with more world species and gardens, but we didn’t get that far. We also didn’t get a chance to do the skywalk between a cluster of huge light-up trees. This is the problem with travelling with your kids. But we love them, too, I guess.

After the gardens, we spent the evening deciding where to to eat dinner. We settled on a “Marché” restuarant, where you can have food made fresh in front of you. It was really neat – you get a debit-style card when you come in, and you wander around to all the stalls (like, crepes, bbq, pasta, salads, fresh juice, etc.) and you “buy” whatever you want on the card, then just pay it all off at the end of your meal. The only problem was that we ended up taking turns waiting in different lineups, first for the kids’ food, then for ours, so we never really got to sit at the table together. It would have been good on a less busy night. After dinner, B miraculously found size 13 running shoes in the mall nearby. The only pair on the whole island, probably!

And thus ended our Singapore adventure. Check out the gallery:


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