The good, the sick and the ugly

It’s true what they say about getting the good with the bad. Indeed, last night, seconds after signing the lease for our new house, I puked my guts out in the driveway of said new house.

Let me back up a bit…

The good

As you know, we’ve been looking for a house for some time. In fact, our 30 days of “free” hotel stay was up last week, so our desperation had escalated substantially. We especially wanted to live in the area near our kids’ school, but the houses there are somewhat of a hot commodity, leaving us with either very expensive or very cheap (i.e., uninhabitable) choices. So, over the past few weeks, we narrowed the options to just one house:

Pros: big,beautiful, modern, with a swimming pool and a new fridge

Cons: rather pricey, a mild termite problem, only one appliance (a new fridge), and the landlord was reportedly very very difficult to deal with (my friend in HR almost had a heart attack when I mentioned we were considering taking this place)

Despite all this, we decided it was worth the risk to be in the area we want. So, last week, we were on our way to meet with the landlord and sign our lives away. We stopped to pick up the kids from school first, and since we had about an hour before our meeting, we stuck around to chat with the other school parents. One of them asked if we had heard about the new place that just came on the market. No. She told us about it – nearby, owned by a friendly family, here’s their phone number. Within minutes, we had called, arranged to see it right away, visited it, and fallen in love! We abandoned the other house. Heh.

The house we picked is perfect for us – just the right size, in great condition, already family-friendly, and well within our price range. Last night, we signed the contract to move in by early next week.

The sick

In the meantime, we all picked up some sort of stomach bug. LittleB had it first last weekend. Unfortunately for him (and B), he missed out on a fantastic Sunday brunch with me and J. We drove into Jakarta with a group of our new expat friends to enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet lunch at a very swanky hotel. It was only $50, and it included all the wine you wanted. I think I drank about a bottle and a half of champagne to myself. They also had a whole play area set up with helpers and nannies, which gave us adults a lot of freedom. Bugs bunny and winnie the pooh showed up too – but unfortunately, J spilled the beans on that one to the other kids: “You know, that’s just a guy in a costume.” Then she wondered how much they got paid.

Anyway, after LittleB started feeling better, the rest of us got sick in sequence. Me, B and J. J spent all last night throwing up. Folks, if you ever had any doubt before now, let me tell you: every surface in your hotel room has had kid puke on it. I promise.

That brings us back to the opening scene. There we were, a joyous occasion, signing for our house, but I was starting to feel very nauseous. I thought some air would help, so I went outside instead of to the bathroom. I chose poorly. (For those of you who follow me on facebook, my similar-sounding post took place after this, on the drive home.)

We all seem to be on the mend, however. So to the Moms – don’t go worrying about Dengue fever and all that. We’re fine.

The ugly

Oh yeah, then there is the one small matter of the night or two this weekend when we can’t stay in this guest house anymore (it’s full) and we can’t yet move into the new house (it’s not ready)… I guess you’ll hear that story next week.

P.S. I don’t have any pictures that specifically go with this post, so here are a few random ones, mostly taken by J. Enjoy!


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