Retreat in tea country

While many of you were filling up on turkey and pumpkin pie, I was spending a few days on a work retreat. Our group hasn’t done this very often (so I’m told), and it was a nice way to wind down the annual meeting.

We drove up the mountains from Bogor, into an area called Puncak, where there are many tea plantations and the air is cooler. We spent the night in a resort hotel that caters to large groups and corporate sessions. Basically, it was a chance for my team and our division to brainstorm about what is working well, what’s not, and what will be our priorities for the coming months. It was perfect timing for me personally, since it really helped me get to know my colleagues and employees, and invest in the start of our relationships.

The resort ran a number of team-building sessions which were actually quite fun, despite being mostly in Bahasa. We ended the day today with a hilarious game of “dress the cowboy”, where your team takes turns gathering clothes for your cowboy (another team member). The previous day, we played a bunch of observation games and outdoor activities. Then we sang the night away in the karaoke bar. I don’t have pictures of the fun stuff, and I probably wouldn’t have posted them even if I did, but here are a few shots of the drive and the hotel grounds (from the moving car – sorry!):

Unfortunately, I was on the other side of the car from this view, so I had to get someone else to keep taking pictures.
You can start to see the farmed fields of tea bushes. And the picturesque cell towers.
It was a bit hazy, but I managed to finally get a good shot of some of the local mountains. We’re headed into the Puncak pass now.
The nice thing about being management is the fact that you get a room to yourself! By the way, that bed was about 3 metres wide… I slept diagonally because it felt so silly to be crammed to one side. And the other side was feeling left out.
I always like to judge a hotel by the quality of its bathrooms. This one was reasonably good. At least the hot water was plentiful.
This was the patio connected to my room
A fountain in the hotel courtyard
This is where we had lunch – that’s the pond at the top of a little waterfall.
There’s a reason why all the rooms and restaurants were named with “bamboo” in the title
Some of the friends I’ve made.
Heading home. Another perk of management: I got to ride in the director’s car instead of the group bus. This was a lucky shot of the beautiful mist gathering before an afternoon storm.
Around the other side of the mountain

So now I’m home safe and sound, with two days’ of work and emails to do tonight. So I’m posting on here instead. I’m going to leave you with a little peek into the true horror of surprise banana – caught on camera for the first time!

Mmmm… a delicious pastry with chocolate on top. What could go wrong with that? Looks perfect.
Wait, something’s not right… Damnit, surprise banana!!

One thought on “Retreat in tea country

  1. Hi Sandra:
    I’ve enjoyed following “Sandra’s family’s excellent adventures in Indonesia”. Your house … heck, your workplace and everything looks fantastic. I especially love the street scenes and panoramic views. How you manage to get any work done with all that to take in, is beyond me. I’d spend my days eating and walking 🙂


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