Movie review: Wreck-it-Ralph

This Thursday was the Islamic New Year, giving us a long weekend from school and work. Without a driver, we decided to once again brave the roads on our own and head to the nearby mall. It had been some time since we went to the theatre and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

There’s a theatre chain here called XXI (21), and we’ve seen them in all the big malls. I checked out the website and it looked like there was a matinee showing of Wreck-it-Ralph. Perfect! And it was only $5 per person. Even better!

This time, B decided to drive, and we headed out early to miss the afternoon traffic. We got to the mall early and did a bit of shopping until the theatre opened. Half an hour before the movie we headed in.

Basically, this theatre was exactly like any other – except that it was much better. First, we got to choose our seats at the cash – a very nice feature (and next time we’ll go early to get better ones). The seats were plusher, in better condition, and the trailers started before the actual movie time, so our 12:30 show actually started at 12:30! Did I mention this only cost 5 bucks each, and it was a 3D show??

Oh yeah, and the movie itself was good too. I think this is going to become a regular family activity!

Otherwise, we spent today (Friday) doing a little more shopping in Jakarta for those hard to find items. Like salami. Tomorrow is a family BBQ at my work, so that’ll be fun. We’re making potato salad. B bought a $9 bag of imported bacon bits and has thus proclaimed that his potato salad is going to “blow everyone away.” I’ll let you know!

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