Water, water everywhere

Flood in Bogor a few days ago. (This is just representative of how we felt today. We’re none of these people.)

Today was a fun day: we spent the morning and afternoon swimming and BBQing with our friends at the pool. Gorgeous day, lots of sun, lots of meat. It was like a beautiful summer day! Well, that’s like every day here, but today was particularly nice.

After the party, we hung out a friend’s house just down the street for a few hours. While there, the sky opened up and it started pouring – nothing unusual. It was dinner time, but we had brought our umbrellas, so we headed home.

It was pretty wet in the street. And by that I mean, many inches of water were streaming down the middle of road. Ok, we’ll just get a bit wet, no biggie. There aren’t 2-foot deep gutters here for no reason. Once at home, soaked to the bone, we figured we would start dinner and run a bath for the kids. After some time, the water in the bathroom sounded a bit… funny. B and I ran in there, thinking the tub had overflowed or the water was spraying or something. No, instead, the floor drain was literally overflowing from the sewer. Yeah, that’s about as awesome as it sounds.

Luckily, it was clean(ish) water – just storm water, not sewage water. Though I’m not sure there’s a real difference. At least bathrooms here are designed to get completely wet, so a few inches of water on the floor isn’t a big deal. B figured out how to close the drains and major crisis was averted. The water should just drain away on its own.

Then, as we were sitting down to eat, it occurred to B to go check the upstairs bathrooms (there are three up there!). I was pretty sure that there wasn’t enough force from the drains to push all the way up to the third floor, but a check was still a good idea. I heard him get up there and swear. Crap! I ran up.

LittleB’s room was totally flooded. A good two inches of water covered the floor. But, strangely, the bathroom was bone dry. It was flooding in from the balcony! The drain on the balcony had clogged, and water was pouring in from under the door. Luckily again, it was clean(ish) rain water. And his room is sparsely furnished, so we went to work moving everything out and squeegeeing water into his bathroom (which has a drain in the floor). Unfortunately, the only tools we could find were two pieces of styrofoam and one tiny car window squeegee. It was slow work.

Afterwards, LittleB didn’t take very well to my joke about his room being the hallway now. What a baby.

Welcome to the rainy season!

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