Diwali – the Festival of Lights

The nice thing about being here is the international flavour. Sure, we live in Indonesia, but most of what we do is not Indonesian – yes we like batik and nasi goreng, but we also get to celebrate some of the important events of our other expat friends.

This week it was Diwali – the Indian festival of lights. Honestly, I didn’t know much about it before, and I still don’t know much more after having been to the party. But I do know that we celebrated it at the school with a yummy potluck dinner, lots of beautiful clothes, a bunch of candles, some Bollywood dancing, and fireworks. If that isn’t Diwali, then I don’t care, because it was great!

J and her best friend making silly faces.
Candle centerpiece
Lighting the candles
Stairs of candles
These are the ‘candles’ the kids made for the party.
Delicious food, beautiful clothes
And a dance slash fashion show!

I also caught an awesome video of LittleB dancing. What’s that you see? The windmill, the army, the Mashed Potato, the Robot, the Running Man, and some b-boy? Yes, the kid’s got a groove!

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