Holiday roundup

This has been a busy week again. Wednesday was the last day of school, and I was hoping to take off Thursday and Friday – that didn’t work out so well. We did go for some last-minute shopping on Thursday, but then I got called into work and thus ended my vacation days.

But we have been gearing up for the holidays! B and I and his mom had a marathon present wrapping session earlier in the week, and I think everything is ready for Mr. Nick tomorrow night. Our neighbourhood friends are planning a rather big dinner on Christmas eve, and we’re bringing pie and a ham… tough to do without an oven! So we’re borrowing a slow cooker for the ham and cooking the pies at the host’s house, and hopefully it will work out. It had better, because the ham was $60 and each apple cost $4. I think they’re plated with gold foil or something.

Yesterday, we decided to take Grandma for a little trip through the botanical gardens. We spent a while touring the Orchid garden and wandering around a few fountains and fields.

Today, we went swimming at my work (again). But this time it was bittersweet. Our best friends in the neighbourhood decided very suddenly and unexpectedly to go home for Christmas (to the UK) and they won’t be coming back. J is a bit devastated, because their daughter was in her class and they spent every waking second together. I guess we’ll be visiting jolly old London sometime soon! Anyway, they fly out tonight, so this was our last swim together. Luckily we brought our handy underwater camera and managed to get a few pictures.

P.S. I’ll post again soon with exiting Christmas photos! Until then, enjoy this photo of us with moustaches:

We drew moustaches on each other. J is rocking the cowboy, LittleB is a dastardly villain, and I have the full goatee.
We drew moustaches on each other. J is rocking the cowboy, LittleB is a dastardly villain, and I have the full goatee.

One thought on “Holiday roundup

  1. Hello everyone. I love your blog. Please say hello to Lorraine for me. Here’s wishing you all a wonderful Christmas. $4 apples?? – they must be gold plated as you say! Take care everyone,

    Love Arlene, Dan, Mac and Sydney xoxoxo ________________________________________


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