Week in Yogyakarta – part 2: Borobudur

This past weekend, we visited Borobudur Buddhist temple, a UNESCO heritage site and the biggest tourism draw in Indonesia.

We rented a car and driver through a local company, and set out early to miss the heat and crowds. It was about an hour drive, and we took the scenic route to get there – enjoying some lovely views of rice paddies and Yogyakarta’s neighbouring volcanoes. We arrived and headed into the site. Luckily, since we’re here on work visas, we were able to get in on local prices ($3 instead of $19 each!).

Joining the throngs of visitors, who were mostly Indonesian, we started the trek up the hill toward the temple itself. It was a bit of a walk, but not as far as I thought it would be. Even the stairs weren’t quite as numerous or deep as I expected.

The temple was beautiful. I can’t believe it was built over a thousand years ago. Frankly, it has weathered better than most of the sidewalks in Bogor! The bas relief was still finely detailed and the statues lovely.

Unfortunately, our trip was soured a bit by the other visitors – they kept asking to take photos with us and of us, and we would often get caught by a crowd of Indonesians clambering for a photo of us or the kids. I’m not really sure how a handful of chubby “americans” is more exciting than a UNESCO heritage site, but it sure seemed that way.

After about an hour, we headed home, with a quick stop at a nearby sister temple.

All in all, it was a lovely morning. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:


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