NYC extravaganza – part 2

Despite our very long Saturday, we still managed to wake up early and head out for some more sightseeing on Sunday morning. After a disappointing breakfast at a greasy diner, we walked into Central Park for a quick tour on our way to the Museum of Natural History.

The museum, of course, is featured in such classics as “Night at the Museum” and “Night at the Museum II” (or is that the Smithsonian?). Anyway, it was huge. We barely saw 10% of it before we were museumed out. We left to wander the city a bit more, and mostly to buy some giant cookies from a local bakery.

That afternoon, my friend J arrived to join us. We headed up to Macy’s (so I could check out its original set of wooden escalators!). Then we had a very filling and delicious dinner at Keen’s Steakhouse, followed by an evening on the Empire State Building.

The next day was grey and very rainy. We decided to head underground for a subway tour. After checking out Grand Central Station, we took the subway downtown for a stop at the 9/11 memorial. That was a very complicated experience, involving several security checks and a lot of walking. But the memorial fountains were incredibly moving.

Then we walked up to Washington Square Park and saw the NYU campus. After dropping my tired parents off at the hotel, J and I went back to Central Park to take a look at some of the other sights. Later that night, we all headed to a showing of Rock of Ages. It was the kind of show you don’t want to watch with your mom, but it turns out mine likes face-melting hair metal and crude jokes!

My parents headed home Tuesday morning, and J and I spent the next three days at our work conference. It was also a lot of fun, and we had some good network (i.e. drinking) sessions during the week. One night involved giant slices of cheesecake from a dirty times square diner. The perfect end to our NYC experience!

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