School times

School is over for another term now. The kids are following the international baccalaureate program, and one of the things they need to do is hold ‘student-led’ conferences. So basically, we parents come in for a sort of open house, and our kids are responsible for walking us through the work they’ve done and their accomplishments.

I think this must work better when your kids are a bit older. It was great to see their classes and some of their work, but getting your 6 year old to talk about his school accomplishments is not the easiest thing in the world. But he really enjoyed showing us the music room (we went three times). Here’s a video of him playing gamelan:

Playing gamelan drums
Playing gamelan drums

At least it’s nice to get some interactivity with the school program and see how things work there. We’re not so happy with the way LittleB is getting along, both socially and academically. He’s been bullied a bit, and the boys in his class are just so aggressive. Especially the entitled little twats around here. I never thought I would be giving life lessons like “If he kicks you first, it’s totally fine to kick him back. But you’re just not allowed to kick him first.” A-one parenting right there.

LittleB showing off his class
LittleB showing off his class

J’s class was more like an open house, where the kids followed their usual routine and we joined in. It was as expected: games, stories, playing at the sand table.

J with her friends
J with her friends
J's class singing "twinkle twinkle chocolate bar" - it's a favourite
J’s class singing “twinkle twinkle chocolate bar” – it’s a favourite

We had circle time, but I’m pretty sure I spent most of the time beside a kid who had pooped his pants. And then the kids made “sandwiches” to bring home. J gave me some kind of monstrosity of a piece of bread covered with sliced sausages held on by dabs of ketchup and each topped with dabs of mayonnaise. I very generously donated it to the local wild cats near our house. They are adorable, though (the kids, not the cats).

So, overall, I guess school is okay!

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