Trip time

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka

As you’re reading this, we are already on a trip to Sri Lanka!

It’s spring break here, so the kids are off school for two weeks. This will be our first trip out of the country since we arrived (well, not me)… but, more importantly, it marks the first big international trip we’re doing as a family. I mean, moving to Indonesia is fun and all, but this is just home now. So our trip will test our mettle and show us just how realistic it is to do the kind of travelling B and I have always wanted to do… with kids in tow.

So, we’re packing light (3 backpacks only!), we have a “no electronics” rule (other than the camera and mp3 players), and I hope we will actually be able to spend quality time with each other and explore the country.

All in all, we’ll be spending 10 days visiting the south part of the island. We circle from Colombo, south to Bentota for a few days on the beach, spend two days on safari in Yala park (jaguars!) and Udawalawe park (elephants!), then we tour via train through the tea highands in Ella and round off our trip in the Buddhist cultural centre of Kandy.

Stay tuned for many photos upon our return!

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