Easter thoughts


Happy Easter!

We’re here in Sri Lanka, celebrating Easter in — appropriately enough — Kandy.

But it’s funny, trying to have a quasi-Christian holiday in a mainly Buddhist and Hindu country while on vacation away from our mainly Muslim home country is, well, funny. Indeed, it almost makes it easy for us to completely ignore it… and, actually, this year we have. We decided that our kids don’t need any chocolate or candy or dollar store toys. And being away from home, it was easy to avoid bringing any of those things with us.

Part of the reason we were keen to move out of Canada in the first place was to get a non-North American perspective in our lives. Why do we even celebrate Easter? We’re not Christian, so the original purpose behind the event is meaningless to us. That means we’re only supporting the commercial side of it. You could say the same thing about Christmas.

I’m not going to lie, there is also something a little strange about the Easter Bunny. Why does a bunny give out chocolate? And where does the bunny get the chocolate? At least with Santa, it seems a bit more reasonable that a human would consciously make a career out of giving presents to kids. But much, much worse is the thought of a human dressed up as a bunny, giving out candy to kids. That’s an incredibly unwholesome thought. Like this guy:

creepy-easter-bunny-2Or just horrible and awkward, like these guys. So, I think we can all admit that the easter bunny is the weak link in the pantheon of fabled folk (ok, maybe second after the Tooth Fairy).

tooth fairy.

All in all, I think we’re okay with blowing open the Easter Bunny truth. This will probably be the year. But of course, that will cause a domino effect with all the others, and when our kids blab the truth about Santa to all your kids, sorry about that.

So here we are in Sri Lanka, and we’re having a lot more fun than we would have with a bunch of candy that none of us needs. And luckily the kids are totally fine with it! Which is good, because we’re doing a no-present Christmas in Australia this year, so I guess this is the practice run.

Either way, it is a nice chance to enjoy time with each other, and that’s what we’re doing. I hope you are too. Have a great holiday!

2 thoughts on “Easter thoughts

  1. My folks blew the Easter Bunny door open when I was 6 b/c they also thought it was just weird. We still celebrated with chocolate and an occassional egg hunt, but solely out of the desire to eat sweets and run around like fools.
    Santa hung around until Grade 4 or 5 because we all wanted him to, and also – he really does make a lot more sense. 🙂 But even today we listen to the NORAD Santa watch b/c it is fun! The truth doesn’t have to break the magic if you don’t want. You just get to redefine where the magic comes from. And if you want to break the commercial “magic” – awesomecore!


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