Sri Lanka part 1 – the beach

We arrived in Colombo, Sri Lanka, after a very early morning flight out of Jakarta. Our driver picked us up and took us about 2 hours down the coast to a beach town called Bentota. It was beautiful.

The place we stayed at was more like a bed & breakfast than a hotel and was thus much more relaxing and comfortable. We had a lovely suite overlooking the backyard pool and forest across the horizon. We enjoyed wonderful home-cooked food that evening, as well as a delicious Sri Lankan traditional breakfast the next morning – after waking up to the sounds of rainforest birds and cooing doves. I recorded it for you (close your eyes for full effect):

On our second day, we decided to go into town and visit the famous “Monday Market”. We also needed to try and change some money — FYI, don’t bring Indonesian Rupiah to Sri Lanka, because no one will change it for you. They will just laugh and ask you to leave.

The market was a bit smaller than we expected, but it was still nice to see all the products for sale. We bought a few man-sarongs for B and some yummy mangosteens. Then the afternoon was beach day!

We walked up to the beach from the hotel and spent the rest of the day playing in the ocean and sand. We have never seen such a nice beach. Miles and miles of beautiful sand and warm, blue water. The undertow was a bit rough, but it was still great.

That evening, we visited a turtle hatchery and got to release the babies into the ocean. They were adorable, swimming out into the waves. A few kept rolling back to shore and we had to start them over. Hopefully they made it… Either way, in my opinion, this was probably the highlight of our trip! There’s nothing better than holding a handful of turtles to make your year!


The next day, we were picked up by our safari guide in his awesome 4×4 jeep, and we headed away from the beach for our safari days. Those are coming up next!

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