Travelling again

Middle of the night in the Doha airport. Again.

At least this time I am on the way to beautiful Rome for the next week! Going over the Indian Ocean wasn’t too bad tonight, though there were some bumps that prevented any sleep. I peeked down at the lights when we flew over Sri Lanka and thought it might be nice to crash there anyway.

So I’ve been meaning to share our upcoming travel plans so those of you who are affected can set aside time in your calendars for us.

We’ll be in New York on July 17-18-19, Toronto on July 20-21, Ottawa July 22-31, and Cheticamp August 1-7.
THEN, I know this is rather far away, but we’ll be in Sydney December 27-January 2 and in Auckland January 2-4 and again January 10-12.

So I hope to see you all soon!

2 thoughts on “Travelling again

  1. Hi Sandra,

    Please let me know if you’ll have any time when you’re in Ottawa. I’d love to get together for coffee or lunch!

    Happy travels, Joan


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