Operation: Get Visa In Singapore II

Because our visas ran out while we were in Canada, we had to turn around and make another trip to Singapore as soon as we got home. Now, I cannot believe that I have reached a point in my life where taking a trip to Singapore seems humdrum and exhausting rather than exotic and thrilling… but I have. It was not a touristy trip, and in fact, we scheduled a bunch of work/personal appointments for the few days we were there, meaning we spent the bulk of our time at the bank, embassy or doctor, or waiting to go to the bank, embassy or doctor, or on our way back from the bank, embassy or doctor.

Still, we enjoyed it as best we could: room service, TV channels, swimming pool, great restaurants and shopping nearby. We stayed at the same hotel as last time, and made a point of paying for access to the executive lounge – this is the traveling secret we’ve learned. For only a few extra dollars, the executive level at hotels means you get free food and drinks, free internet, and little perks like movie rentals and extra yummy snacks. It’s totally worth it.

One night we ate dinner at our now-favourite Mexican food restaurant. It is quite literally the only restaurant in the world where the kids eat everything on their plates. It’s a miracle! They also have yummy sangria with apples in it. For lunch another time, we ate at a marché-style place and had the best fig/goat cheese salad on a piece of bread ever. That description really does not do it justice, I swear. Otherwise, we spent our little bit of free time shopping, picking up some life essentials like a milk steamer, a new coffee grinder, Star Trek novellas, a Hello Kitty cross stitching kit, and ukulele song books. Can you guess who got what?

The only touristy things we managed to do were to visit the Raffles Hotel and take a ride on the Singapore Flyer. The hotel was beautiful, and I had been hoping to buy some souvenirs at the shopping galleries within, but J had a knock-em-down-drag-em-out cry fest in the middle of the place so we had to ditch. It was expensive anyway, so no huge loss. The flyer was pretty cool. The kids loved it, although I’m not so sure the folks sharing the capsule with us enjoyed their enthusiasm as much.

So anyway, now we’re back to real life… again!

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