Home for a rest

Happy New Year!

We’ve arrived home safe and sated after an amazing three weeks in the land(s) down under.

We saw breathtaking mountain scenery, watched world-famous NYE fireworks, tasted wine and hugged koalas, fed great white sharks, walked in a giant redwood forest, drank hot chocolate beside a bursting geyser, dug a private spa on the beach, peeked into hobbit holes, and spiraled down into a damp, sacred cave lit only by the light of a million twinkling glowworms.

We welcomed Grandma and Grandpa to this side of the world, celebrated two Christmases, three birthday parties, drank wine, played cards, soaked in the hot tub under the stars, danced the Hakka, laughed, whined, stopped at every playground in Australia and New Zealand, ate the best meal of our lives, said goodbye… It was a perfect vacation, and I can’t wait until the next one!

Much more to come!

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