Bali weekend magic

We had a wonderful month-long visit from Grandma in April. We figured that this time, we should actually take her somewhere other than Bogor! So we packed up and headed to Bali for a long weekend.

We rented a villa with a pool, right in the tourist area. Funny enough, it turns out we were very close to the place we stayed last time, but we were so new to the area back then that we were a bit oblivious to exactly where we were. Anyway, we did a bit more research before this trip and managed to have a better idea how to get around from our place!

As it turned out, it was the perfect weekend to be there. As you might know, Bali is a Hindu area, so they follow many of the same holidays and calendar as India and others, rather than the other parts of Indonesia. The weekend we went was Nyepi, which is the New Year holiday. The difference, however, is that Balinese Hindus celebrate the event with a day of silence and reflection, rather than with a party. The entire island shuts down, including the airport – no travel, no electricity, no noise. But since we were just looking for a quiet few days of R&R beside the pool, it was no problem for us!

The place we stayed was a sprawling three-bedroom house with a pool, outdoor bathrooms, a large living area, and all within walking distance of restaurants, shopping, the beach – perfect! But we didn’t really go to any of those places. Who needs to when you can spend all day relaxing in the water, dozing in the gazebo, reading on the daybed, playing games at the dining table.

When Nyepi rolled around, we spent the day hushing the kids and trying not to disturb our neighbours. But the magic happened that night, when unexpectedly, we were graced with the darkest, most velvetly black sky I’ve ever seen in my life. With all the lights turned off on the whole island, the stars shone brighter and clearer than anywhere. The milky way glowed deeply overhead and we saw Jupiter, Venus, and handfuls of constellations. It was truly Bali magic.

The weekend was over too quickly, but we came home with a few lovely souvenirs and memories to last us through the final weeks of the Bogor rainy season.


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