Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that we really miss here. There’s no way to replace it – it’s so linked to home: the season, the colors, the smells. A perfect autumn morning, waking up early to bake some pies, sharing the afternoon with family, maybe taking a hike through the bright fall forest, playing a game of pick-up hockey or football in the crisp evening air. Spending the evening eating and laughing, ending the night a little rosy and so full of turkey that it’s hard to breathe.

The past few years, we’ve done a little thanksgiving with our Canadian friends in the area. This year, we had a few Aussie additions, but they were made welcome nonetheless. We found a turkey (imported from Utah!), dug up my mom’s stuffing recipe, bought $18 cans of pumpkin for pie, sourced a can of cranberry sauce. Instead of a hike, we swam; instead of football, we had a mini ukulele jam. But we still spent the night eating and laughing, getting rosy and ending the night too full to breathe.

It was lovely, but it wasn’t quite the same as being home. We’ll miss you all this weekend – Happy Thanksgiving from Indonesia!

-The Cayas

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