Outer space adventure play

The kids have been working on a school play all year, a complicated production involving every class and countless practice runs. It is an elaborate storyline, where a boy from a colourless planet travels the stars to find other colours, collecting friends from all the coloured planets, eventually settling on the multicolour planet where they could all live happily ever after in a place where all colours live harmoniously.

One kid was cast as the “Red Frog” and the other as “Tea from the multicolour planet”. We had to send special dance shoes and black pants, and schedule appointments and holidays around dress rehearsal dates. They brought home music and sang the songs in the car, for months. And at last, this was the week of the big show! As it turned out, each of them was cast for a different night, meaning we had to attend the (same) show two nights in a row…

The best thing about school plays are the little kids who have no idea what they’re doing, looking around the room or dancing hilariously out of sync; equally great are the monotone kids who memorised their lines verbatim and deliver them like a robot. Our kids had about two lines each, but were proud to deliver them with gusto. We also loved the cheesy eighties rocket sounds embedded in all the midi music used for the songs.

Night 1: Red Frog makes his début.



Night 2, déjà vu: Tea makes her début.



I didn’t need to see it twice, but I suppose if the kids ever end up on Broadway, I’ll go more than once, so this school play purgatory was just practice for that. Right??

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