Wedding once upon a time

Weddings are such a funny thing. You spend months or years preparing, dropping wads of cash to make every detail perfect, thinking ahead and dreaming about every moment, and then suddenly you get one blip of a day and it’s all over.

Luckily for us, twelve years ago today, we were two poor and practical kids who didn’t know what we were doing. The days of Pinterest and hipster wedding sites were far in the future. And we were the first of our cohort to get married, so we had no one to compare ourselves to and no real expectations of how the day should go. I remember buying a wedding planner book – yes, seriously, a real book – just to make sure we covered all the important bases, you know, like pants and cake. But it was all rather low stress planning and we did it for very little cost.

Although it was the early days of internet shopping, we managed to find a great local venue (a rustic farm that has since become a posh and pricey wedding location) and an officiant who would do the kind of non-denominational ceremony we wanted. Other things like the flowers and cake we got through word of mouth connections, and friends and family pulled through with some great favors on photography, music, decorations, homemade wine, and general helpfulness.

I think we did everything right, for us at least. It was charming, simple, small, casual. We decided on a luncheon partly to save money but also because it’s more our style – we’re not dancers and certainly didn’t need a DJ party, so going back to the family house for evening drinks and socializing suited us just fine. The ceremony was short and sweet, accompanied by traditional fiddle music and some lovely readings by our wedding party. We made handfasting vows, and if I could remember them I’d share them.

Despite all the planning, some things still went awry: it was grey and rainy,  so our outdoor ceremony on the picturesque garden steps was moved into a barn with a drywall backdrop instead; our romantic horse & buggy ride (which we paid extra for) was so cold that we asked them to turn around after only 5 minutes; we somehow didn’t think about arranging a ride home from the venue for the two of us since we arrived separately, but managed to squeeze into a car with friends; and sometimes I wish we had made a video of the ceremony, since after a dozen years the whole thing is kind of just a foggy blur. But in truth, when would we watch it? We’re living our life together every moment, and one single day is hardly the biggest part of it. I’m thankful that we didn’t go into debt for some lavish wedding that we would still be forgetting this far into the future.

It was the perfect way to kick off the past 12 years and the many more to come. Here’s to love!



10 years and counting…

B + S = love, 14 May 2005. Happy anniversary!

J turns 5!

Dear Sweetie,

I can’t believe you’re already 5 years old! I realize that’s not very old in the grand scheme of things, but it’s the perfect number of years for so many things – a university degree, a healthy run on Broadway, establishing a successful small business, a tasty block of cheddar.

Over the past five years, you’ve put up with daddy’s ceaseless teasing; joined in our overbearing weekend pillow fights and wrestling; sat through endless re-watchings of Ghostbusters and The Three Amigos; laughed at every silly story we’ve told that ends with someone being poked in the eyeball and dies; and managed to choke down your vegetables when we fight with you to eat them at dinner.

And we’ve tried to be patient as we’ve watched you spill every single drink, ever; sat through endless re-watchings of Tinkerbell, Tangled and (most recently) Frozen; as you’ve whined or cried across at least 8 different countries; as you’ve fallen asleep in so many awkward places and we’ve had to carry your dead weight up and down stairs, on and off airplanes and buses, trains, cars, sketchy tuktuks; and we’ve put band-aids on you at least once a week for the past 5 years as you’ve fallen on literally every possible surface in the world.

In your five years, we’ve seen you grow from an adorable little baby into a beautiful young girl. You’ve shared our strange adventures with joy and laughter, and you have lit up our days since the very first moment. It’s both exciting and frightening to see you growing so fast. Soon you’ll be doing things on your own and we’ll be sad to lose our baby, but even prouder of you than we are now.

Happy birthday!

Love Mommy & Daddy

Birthday celebrations spanned a few days, from birthday morning presents to a nice family dinner, to a full blow-out party with all the neighborhood friends. It was a fun time, but I’m not sorry we won’t have to do it again for (almost) another year!

Best Dads

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads in my life!

My Dad – still known to my sister and I as “Daddy” – is awfully far away now. I miss you! Thank you for teaching me when to think and be patient, to embrace my independence, and most importantly, how to be silly. I remember every single day growing up with the most wonderful, thoughtful, fun father in the world, and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you. I love you!

Visiting my Dad at the Tai Chi club
Visiting my Dad at the Tai Chi club
Harassing my Dad during Breakfast
Harassing my Dad during Breakfast
Me and my Dad - wedding day!
Me and my Dad – wedding day!

To B, thank you for being the best dad to our kids. You are the perfect complement to my parenting – calm when I’m too frantic, silly when I’m too serious, and you’re always willing to step in every time I whine about not wanting to handle something. The kids love you more than is possible, and because of that, so do I.

New Daddy and baby B
New Daddy and baby B
With new baby J
With new baby J
Baby carry duty on a nature walk
Baby carry duty on a nature walk
Big kid carry duty too!
Big kid carry duty too!

And to all you other dads out there – have a good day! You should go see ‘Man of Steel’ because it’s awesome.

J turns 4

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

We had a fun neighbourhood party on the weekend where we bbq’d too much meat, drank too much beer and ate too many cupcakes. It was great.

Then today we had a little family party and opened the family gifts I’ve been hoarding since Grandma’s visit and my trip to NY. I also cooked a Hello Kitty cake that apparently did not solidify all the way through, but it was ok with lots of icing! That’s all she eats of the cake anyway.

We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled Sri Lanka posts in a couple of days. In the meantime, enjoy these pictures while I go sleep off my sugar coma.



Merry Christmas everyone!

-The Cayas